Ministry of Health urges all to follow health safety protocols

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population has urged one and all to follow the health safety protocols. 

Ministry spokesperson Dr Sangeeta Kaushal Mishra through a press release today urged the people to strictly abide by the public health safety guidelines in view of the risk of coronavirus infection in the country following an increase in the number of infections in the neighbouring country India. 

“The Ministry requests one and all to follow the health safety protocols and make others do the same by becoming sensitive and responsible for the prevention and control of the coronavirus infection as its risk is still prevalent in the present context of the increasing trend of COVID-19 in the neighbouring countries including in India in the last some days,” the press release states. 

The Health Ministry spokesperson stated that although the infection in numerical terms seems to have somewhat decreased, the risk of the pandemic is still there.

The Ministry has also urged those who have completed three months since vaccination to also get the booster dose. It has also called on everyone to take the full dose of vaccination, encourage others to take the vaccine and support the ongoing vaccination campaign. 

Number of infection cases below 15 until April 20  

The number of infection cases is less than 15 persons until the first week of Baisakh (April 14 – 20). 

As per the data shared by the Ministry, the number of infected cases was four on April 14. It was 13 on April 20. 

The number of cases was 14 on April 15, nine on April 16, twelve on April 17, ten on April 18 and 10 on April 19. RSS



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