Siruwa Parba being observed in Terai

JHAPA: The Siruwa Parba, the festival celebrated by indigenous communities in Terai, is being observed since Thursday.

The three-day festivity begins with the Nepali New Year on Baisakh 1 and is mainly celebrated by Rajbanshi, Tharu, Gangai, Tajpuria and Majhi among other communities.

On the first day, the revelers seek blessings from elders and exchange greetings with each other to foster fraternity and brotherhood. Also, they worship their clan deity as well as Goddess Kali by making a special worship place-Gramthan-in their house.

Rajbanshi Samaj Bikas Samiti’s central member Phulmati Rajbanshi shared, “Siruwa Parba is our biggest festival. We are nature worshippers. On this day we worship Goddess Kali and wear new clothes.”

There is also a tradition of playing with and throwing mud, water and colours at each other. The legend has it that the Rajbanshi community throws mud (originally curd) at each other to mark the birth of Lord Krishna.

On the last day, the revelers splash colours at each other, especially to the parents by their children, to conclude the festival. RSS



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