UML walks out of EC without signing election code of conduct

KATHMANDU: The main opposition CPN-UML has refused to express its commitment to abide by the election code of conduct.

The Election Commission (EC) had summoned all the representatives of the political parties registered with the poll body to express their commitment to fully follow the election code of conduct and laws on Tuesday.

However, representatives of CPN UML refused to sign the commitment letter saying that there was no environment to do so.

Tensions had surfaced after the small parties shouted and chanted slogans demanding everyone should get a chance to speak during the meeting.

The party did not sign the commitment letter following the chaos that surfaced during the meeting said Ramesh Badal, the chief of the party’s legal department.

Badal along with deputy chief of the election department of UML Niraj Acharya had participated in the all-party meeting convened by EC from UML.

The EC had issued the election code of conduct on March 17.


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