Shinta Mani Hotel to take care of management of Moksha Mustang resort

KATHMANDU: The internationally renowned hotel brand Shinta Mani Hotel has taken over the management of the Moksha Mustang resort, a famous resort in Jomsom, which is presently being operated by the Sherpa hospitality group under the Yeti group.

The Executive Director of the Sherpa Hospitality group Namgyal Sherpa and the owner of the Shinta Mani Hotel Bill Bensely announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to take over the management of the Moksha Mustang resort amid a program organised here in Kathmandu on Monday.

Shinta Mani Hotel has been operating luxury hotels in various places of the world. It is a famous brand operating expensive hotels amidst forests and the wild.

It has been learnt that Shinta Mani Hotel will handle the management of the Moksha Mustang resort, which was constructed at an investment of Rs 1.10 billion, from coming October.

Yeti Group Chairman Sonam Sherpa said that the agreement has been reached according to which the Shinta Mani Hotel will look after the entire management of the Hotel.

American architect Bill Bensley is credited with starting the Shinta Mani Hotel brand. He said his venture has become successful in jungle tourism in Cambodia and believes that it will be successful in Nepal as well.





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