RPP forms 20-member working committee

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Rajendra Lingden formed a 20-member working committee comprising party’s officer bearers and senior leaders.

The committee formed as the party’s high command includes Rastriya Panchayat former chairman Nawaraj Subedi and Deepak Bohara.

The names of the members are as follows:

  1. Chairman Rajendra Lingden
  2. Vice-Chairman Buddhiman Tamang
  3. Vice-Chairman Bikran Pandey
  4. Vice-Chairman Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan
  5. Vice-Chairman Roshan Karki
  6. Vice-Chairman Hem Jung Gurung
  7. Vice-Chairman Mukunda Shyam Giri
  8. General Secretary Dhawal Shumsher Rana
  9. General Secretary Bhuwan Pathak
  10. General Secretary Kunti Kumari Shahi
  11. General Secretary Rajendra Gurung
  12. General Secretary Prahlad Prasad Sah
  13. Central member Deepak Bohara
  14. Central member Nawaraj Subedi
  15. Central member Hari Bahadur Basent
  16. Central member Balaram Gharti Magar
  17. Central member Jayand Chand
  18. Central member Tanka Dhakal
  19. Central member Thakur Prasad Sharma
  20. Central member Rishi Babu Pariyar

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