NSU, Tarun Dal cadres of Koirala faction stage demonstration against Deuba (With photos)

KATHMANDU: Cadres of Nepal Student Union and Tarun Dal of Shekhar Koirala faction staged a demonstration against party President Sher Bahadur Deuba outside the party office in Sanepa on Friday, expressing dissatisfaction over the nomination of the presidents of Nepal Student Union and Tarun Dal.

Earlier on  Wednesday, party President Deuba had appointed Bidwan Gurung as the President of Tarun Dal and Dujang Sherpa as the President of Nepal Student Union.

Saying that Deuba had not held consultations while forming the ad hoc committee of the sister wings and trying to sideline his faction, Sher Koirala panel has already made a decision to call Tarun Dal and Nepal Student Union leaders to Kathmandu.

During a meeting held at the contact office of Koirala in Baluwatar on Thursday, most of the leaders said that the establishment has been trying to sideline the Koirala faction, stressing that a parallel committee should be formed to retaliate against Deuba.

Photos by : Umesh Karki 




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