CPN (MC) decides not to remain in govt if MCC is tabled forcefully (With video)

KATHMANDU: The CPN (Maoist Centre) said that it would not remain in the government if the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is tabled in the Parliament forcefully.

Emerging from the meeting, party Chief Whip Dev Gurung said that the MCC should be endorsed only after building national consensus.

“There should be consensus among all the political parties. At least, there should also be consensus among the parties in the ruling coalition,” he said.

Responding to queries that the Nepali Congress, the key ruling party, is in favour of the parliamentary ratification of the MCC, Gurung said that the Nepali Congress has to break the coalition if it wants to table the compact in the Parliament and endorse it.

“The decision of the government cannot be taken without the decision of the five parties. The coalition will fall apart if the government or any parties of the coalition take ahead the agenda without the decision of the alliance,” he said.

The United States has set a deadline of February 28 to secure parliamentary ratification of the $500 million grant.

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