CIB warns against illegal online business as cryptocurrency

KATHMANDU: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has warned not to get involved in illegal online business such as cryptocurrency, hyper fund and digital networking among others. 

Issuing a notice on Sunday, the CIB stated that it is minutely monitoring such businesses being run although banned. An investigation was conducted against those involved in such illegal business and actions were also being taken, the CIB said. 

Urging one and all not to involve in the transaction of such business, the CIB  shared that online transactions under cryptocurrency and digital networking business has been declared illegal recently. 

CIB has also requested the public to inform the CIB if they found out anyone involved and running such illegal business. 

CIB’s Superintendent of Police (SP) Shyam Kumar Mahato said those proven guilty of running such illegal business or involved in them would be put behind the bars and there will be fined. RSS


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