Govt should hold discussions with EC not with ruling coalition to fix date of local elections: Koirala

BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala said that the government should fix the date of local level elections by holding consultations with the Election Commission.

Raising a question over the decision of the ruling coalition to hold the local level elections by mid-June, he reminded that the Election Commission is the body with whom the government should hold the discussions to hold the elections.

Speaking to journalists at his residence in Biratnagar on Sunday, leader Koirala said that the government should walk in the right direction.

He was of the opinion that the government should hold the discussions directly with the Election Commission to hold the elections.

“The elections should not be postponed by amending the Act. It will be good for the government to hold the discussions with the Election Commission rather than the coalition partners to hold the elections,” he said.

Leader Koirala said that the senior leaders who had lost the elections should also be appointed as the Central Committee members.


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