Weather to improve gradually after some days

KATHMANDU: The weather is partly to generally cloudy throughout the country due to the partial influence of the westerly low-pressure system, the Meteorological Forecasting Division said. 

The Division has urged people to be safe from cold and adopt the necessary protection and precaution as there is the possibility of light rain at a few places of the hilly region and light snowfall at some places of the high hilly and mountainous regions of the country. 

The weather in Kathmandu is partly cloudy although the sky was clear in the late morning today. 

Meteorologists at the Division said the weather has comparatively improved today than yesterday. It will take some more days for the weather to improve completely.

According to the Division, although the weather will be somewhat clear in the morning, it will become cloudy again with chances of light rain in the afternoon for some days more. RSS



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