NEB preparing to conduct SEE between mid-April to mid-May

grade 12 exams a month after SEE

BHAKTAPUR: The National Examinations Board (NEB) has started preparations to conduct this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE) in the month from mid-April to mid-May.

Similarly, it is planning to hold the Class 12 examinations in the month between mid-May to mid-June after administering SEE.

NEB Chair Dr Mahashram Sharma urged the students to be prepared for their examinations as the Board has started the preparations to conduct the SEE and Class 12 examinations in Baisakh and Jeth months respectively as per the Nepali calendar.

The classes will be run till Chait for completing the course and preparations have been made to hold SEE in Baisakh. The Board said the schedule of the examination would, however, be published after some days. RSS



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