Greenline Centre owners go out of contact after pocketing over Rs 1.5 billion

KATHMANDU: The owners of Greenline Centre, a company dealing in quality wine, whiskey and liquors, have gone out of contact after collecting over Rs 1.5 billion from banks and cooperatives among others.

The investment Bank and Everest Bank have pasted a notice at the store of Abhishek Agrawal and Amit Agrawal in Jamal. Abhishek and Amit are brothers.

Some banks and cooperatives are also preparing to paste a notice. According to a source, the Agrawal brothers, a permanent resident of Janakpur, had used the money of some banks, cooperatives and individuals.

The banks have also pasted a notice at their Gyaneshwor-based house. The house is constructed on 15 anna land.

The Investment Bank and Everest Bank have padlocked their store claiming that they have the rights to their property. The Agrawal brothers have their investment in real estate too.

The source said that the Investment Bank and Everest Bank had invested Rs 250 million and Rs 220 million respectively in the Greenline Centre Pvt. Ltd. Some other banks, cooperatives and individuals have invested more than Rs 5 million.

It has been learnt that the police are searching for the Agrawal brothers.

The Greenline used to sell liquor in restaurants and star hotels.

The Agrawal family had registered Alliance Distributors, AmiAbhi Trading and Greenline Centre to trade liquor in Nepal.



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