Embossed number plate mandatory for vehicles applying for renewal from January 15

KATHMANDU: The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has made the embossed number plate system mandatory for all vehicles applying for renewal of their registration from January 15.

This is part of the drive to make embossed number plates compulsory for all vehicles in the country, said the DoTM’s spokesperson Dr Loknath Bhushal.

The DoTM implemented the system for the newly registered vehicles from 16 November 2020. “There is a plan to install the number plates on all vehicles within next one year,” he said.

The process provides embossed number plates for the vehicles applying for renewal of their registration is underway, he said. The contracting company has sent the plates to the transport management office.

The implementation of the system got delayed due to court cases relating to the issue and global COVID-19, he said.

The DoTM on 30 May 2016 reached an agreement with Tiger IT (The Corporation) to supply and install the plates. RSS


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