American artists teach hip-hop music to Nepali teenagers (With photos)

KATHMANDU: The US embassy organised a next level workshop at Maharajgunj-based Shivapuri College with an objective to promote democracy and culture through art.

As many as 70 teenagers of Nepal had taken a special virtual class with the popular American hip-hop artists in a two-week long workshop.

The participants were taught four elements of hip-hop music—DJ, rap, beat making and dance style.

New York-based artists Adum, DJ Lean Rock, Lisa Dancer, One Belo, Pinqy Ring and Juan Gomez taught them hip-hop music virtually.

The programme was organised by the US embassy in coordination with the Next Level Nepal and Nepal Hip-Hop Foundation.

On the last day of the workshop on Friday, a programme was organised for the participants to showcase their talents.

During the programme, Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy Sarah Jasmine Knight said that the next level program will be helpful in promoting democracy in Nepal.

“The contribution of art is important to promote democracy and culture in a democratic country like Nepal and we want to promote it through youths,” she added.

Dinesh Thapa, founder of the Nepal Hip-Hop Foundation, said that this type of programme was organised for the first time in Nepal.

The Next Level had already organised this kind of programme in more than 35 countries of six continents since 2014.The Next Level is organising programmes in the United Araba Emirates, Barbados, Taiwan, Equader, Poland, Laos, Ukraine, Haiti and Ghana in 2021 and 2022.



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