Schools shut, WFH for govt staff: Kejriwal’s 1-week action plan after Supreme Court prod

No physical classes will be held in Delhi schools starting from Monday for a week, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Saturday, after the Supreme Court pressed the emergency button on Delhi air pollution, Hindustan Times reported.

As immediate measures to save people from the adverse impact of air pollution, the government has decided to switch to work from home for 100% of the workforce starting from Monday.

Private offices will be issued an advisory to go for the ‘Work From Home’ option as much as possible, Kejriwal said.  No construction activity will be allowed between November 14 and 17.

Kejriwal’s action plan comes as the Supreme Court on Saturday termed the pollution situation in Delhi-NCR as ’emergency’ and suggested clamping a lockdown in the national capital.

“There was a discussion in the Supreme Court whether a complete lockdown can be brought in place if the situation worsens. We are working on it as to what will the lockdown imply… we are not imposing the lockdown. We are drafting a proposal which we will place in front of the Supreme Court. It will be discussed with all agencies because it will be an extreme step. The Centre will also be taken into confidence. If such a situation comes, construction, vehicular movement might have to be stopped,” Kejriwal said.


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