Bijaya Dashami today; 10:02 am auspicious time for Tika

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti (Calendar Determination Committee) has determined 10:02 am as the auspicious time for receiving Tika for this year.

Samiti Chairman Shree Krishna Adhikari said that the auspicious hour for immersing statues of goddesses is at 8:19 am and for receiving Tika and Prasad at 10:02 am.

He further said that one can give and receive Tika as per one’s convenience although the most suitable time has been declared to be 10:02 am.

The Tika is a mixture of rice grains, curd and red vermilion powder formed into a paste and put on the forehead as a blessing from the Goddess Durga on the 10th day of the Dashain festival.

Similarly, Jamara are either the newly-germinated barley or maize shoots that are put behind the ears or on heads as an auspicious item during the Dashain festival.


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