Maha Nawami being observed across the nation

KATHMANDU: The ninth day of the Bada Dashain festival is being observed as Maha Nawami throughout the country on Thursday.

Animal sacrifices and special offerings are made at ‘Dasainghars’ and ‘Kots’ or armouries as well as at the shrines of various goddesses and Shaktipeeths today.

Since early morning today, a large number of devotees visit the temples of goddesses Mahakali, Laxmi and Durga Bhagawati.

Devotees also throng the shaktipeeths of Dakshinkali, Guheshwari, Maitidevi, Kalikasthan, Naxal Bhagawati, Bhadrakali, Shobha Bhagawati, Bijyeshwori, Indrayani, Naradevi, Bajrabarahi, Raktakali, Bajrayogini and Sankata and offer prayers and sacrifices.

According to the tradition, prayers are offered and Durga Saptasati scripture recited at the Shaktipeeths today.

The festival is considered to be of special importance because goddess Chamunda had slain the Raktabij demon on this day of Maha Nawami.

Chicken, ducks, goats, sheep and buffaloes are sacrificed on the occasion. Vegetarians offer coconuts, radish, bottle-gourds, etc.

Machinery, arms and vehicles are cleaned and offered sacrifice on Maha Nawami, the last day of Nawaratri.


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