Prakash Man Singh says he will contest for Nepali Congress president

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh has announced his candidacy for the post of party president on Saturday.

The NC leader said that he will work as a party’s ‘number one man’ to bring a drastic change in the party.

Speaking at a programme organised by NC Kathmandu Metropolitan City-17 in Kathmandu today, leader Singh warned that the party’s situation will be like that of Praja Parishad if the leadership is handed over to the old leaders in the upcoming 14 general convention.

Singh said that he wanted to work as the ‘number one man’ in the party to take the whole party line ahead in an institutional way.

Saying that he has been working as a second rung leader in the party for a long time, leader Singh said that now he wanted to work as the party President.



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