Kushe Aunshi, Father’s day being observed across the nation (With photos)

KATHMANDU: Kushe Aunshi or Father’s Day is being observed across the country on Tuesday.

Hindus celebrate Kushe Aunshi by bringing kush, a holy grass, into their houses. The grass is regarded as a symbol of purity. There is a religious belief that keeping kush cut by the priests brings well-being to family members.

The day is also celebrated as Father’s Day or Gokarna Aunsi. People celebrate this day by paying respect to fathers with gifts and various delicacies.

The major marketplaces in the capital have been busy since the morning with people shopping for sweets, fruits, and gifts for their fathers.

On this day, sons and daughters receive blessings from their fathers, and those whose fathers are already dead, go to a pilgrimage site and perform shraddha.

Photos: Saroj Baiju


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