Flood in Bagmati River inundates squatter settlement in Thapathali

KATHMANDU: Water level in major rivers inside the Kathmandu Valley–Bagmati, Bishnumati, Dhobi Khaola and Manohara among others–has witnessed steep rise due to incessant rainfall since Sunday midnight.

As a result, the swollen Bagmati River breached its embankment and gushed into the squatter settlement in Thapathali.

People living in the settlement were left panic-stricken and forced to flee to safer places.

Meteorologist Min Prasad Aryal said that the westerly and local winds coupled with water vapour travelling from the Bay of Bengal leads to the heavy rainfall with thunderstorms.

“We had forecast heavy rainfall in one or two places in Bagmati Province yesterday,” he told the Nepal Press.

Kathmandu Valley saw approximately 105 millimetres of rainfall as of 7 am today, according to the Weather Forecasting Division.

The Division has issued a flood alert, especially in major river basins and their tributaries inside the Valley.


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