Bibeksheel Sajha on the verge of split as coordinator calls parallel meeting to counter chairman

KATHMANDU: Bibeksheel Sajha Party is on the verge of split as coordinator Milan Pandey called a parallel Central Committee meeting to counter party Chairman Rabindra Mishra.

Chairman Mishra has called the meeting at 12 pm on Thursday. He has already informed all the central committee members about the meeting via email on Tuesday.

Similarly, coordinator Pandey has also called the meeting later on the same day expressing dissatisfaction with the party Chairman for calling the meeting unilaterally.

With the differences between the two leaders, the party has become a hostage of indecision.

Samikchya Baskota, a central member close to Mishra, said that the party chairman decided to call the meeting after he couldn’t forge consensus with the coordinator.

“The meeting called by the chairman is the official one,” she said, adding, “All the central members have been informed about the meeting and hope that all will be there to share their opinion.”

Baskota claimed that the meeting will not discuss the political proposal made public by Chairman Mishra. Instead, the party will discuss the ways to end the deadlock, she said.

On the other hand, the Pandey faction said that the parallel meeting was called to counter the party Chairman arguing that he called the meeting against the agreement reached during the unification of two parties–Bibeksheel Nepali and Sajha Party.

Harish Bhatta, a central member of Pandey faction, said that Chairman Mishra is planning to endorse his political document from the Central Committee as he has majority in the party.

He also said that Mishra has been urging the Padney faction to split the party if they are dissatisfied with his document.



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