48 Nepalis are safe in Kabul; Envoy Acharya urges all of them to stay away from airport

KATHMANDU:  Nepali Ambassador to India Nilambar Acharya on Thursday urged 48 Nepali workers, who are waiting for the rescue team to arrive in Afghanistan, to stay away from the Kabul airport area following the twin bomb blast. It has been learnt that all of them are safe.

Saying that there are reports of a possible terrorist attack around Kabul airport, Acharya said that it will be better for the Nepalis to stay away from the airport area.

Issuing a statement this evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that efforts are underway to provide a safe evacuation for all Nepalis gathered at the airport.

Tension ran high in Afghanistan after two suicide bombers and gunmen targeted crowds outside the Kabul airport this evening, killing 13 people and injuring 15 others.

No one has taken responsibility of the incident yet.


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