Seven government agencies spend 7 billion more than approved budget

KATHMANDU: The seven different government bodies have spent 7 billion more than the approved budget.

According to the 58th annual report made public by the Office of the Auditor General, the seven different government bodies spent the budget around Rs 7.21 billion.

The auditor general has stated that the expenditure was against the provision of the Financial Procedure Rules, 2064 BS.

Those spending more than the sanctioned budget includes the District Police Office, Nepal Army camp, Metropolitan Police Office , Province Police office, Regional Armed Police Force, Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Station and Nepal Army National Park Security Team.

The District Police Office has spent Rs 2.27 billion more from the approved budget of Rs 17.28 billion. The report states that the District Police Office has withdrawn a total of Rs 19.56 billion.

Similarly, Nepal Army Jangi Adda has spent Rs. 1.76 billion more than the approved budget of Rs. 40.19 billion. It has been found that the Jangi Adda has withdrawn a total of Rs 41.95 billion.

The Metropolitan Police office comes at the third place spending Rs. 787 million from the sanctioned budget of Rs. 643 million.

Likewise, the Provincial Police Office has also spent Rs. 692.282 million from the approved budget of Rs. 5.21billion. The office has withdrawn Rs. 5.90 billion.

The Regional Armed Police Force Office has spent Rs. 626.14 million more than the sanctioned budget of Rs. 12.55 billion. The office has withdrawn Rs 13.17 billion.

The Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Project (60 MW) has spent Rs. 538.3 million more than the sanctioned budget. The project, which received a total budget of Rs 767.5 million, has spent Rs 1.29 billion, according to the report of the Accountant General.

The National Park Security Team of the Nepal Army has spent Rs 3.35 billion out of the total budget of Rs 3.16 billion. The security team spent Rs. 186.44 million more than the estimated budget.

In the Rule 38 of the Final Procedure Rules, 2064 BS, there is a provision to transfer money on the recommendation of the concerned secretary if the sanctioned budget is inadequate.

In case of the implementation of a single account fund system, it is not possible to give more than the sanctioned budget.  The auditor general has suggested controlling the single account fund system as there is more disbursement than the budget.



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