5 central members, 6 lawmakers join Unified Socialist party from Sudurpaschim

KAILALI: Five central members and six lawmakers of the CPN-UML have joined the CPN (Unified Socialist) party from Sudurpaschim Province.

The UML has 23 central members in Sudurpaschim Province. Out of 24, whose names have been submitted at the Election Commission for the registration of CPN (Unified Socialist), four have verified their names at the poll body.

Madan Kumari Shah (Garima) of Kailali, Ram Kumar Gyawali of Kanchanpur, Nira Devi Jairu of Dadeldhura and Prem Bahadur Ale of Doti have verified their names at the Election Commission.

Central members Bhim Rawal, Jhapat Rawal, Bikram Shahi, Bhanubhakta Jaisi and Prakash Shah, who were close to Madhav Nepal, have decided not to support him to register the new party.

Apart from four leaders, Lekhraj Bhatta, Karna Thapa, Maheshwor Pathak, Rajendra Rawal, Deepak Devkota, Naradmuni Rana, Lal Bahadur BK, Lila Bhandari, Gauri Oli, Puran Singh Dayal, Ganesh Singh Thagunna, Lal Bahadur Thapa, Niru Pal and Bhairav Singh, however, decided to stay in the UML.

6 lawmakers among 20 join Unified Socialist

The UML has 11 directly elected lawmakers and five lawmakers elected through proportional representation electoral system in the Sudurpaschim Province. The party has four lawmakers in the National Assembly.

Out of 20 lawmakers, six have joined the Unified Socialist party. Among them, only five have verified their names.

Nira Devi Jairu, Prem Bahadur Ale, Laxmi Chaudhary, Bina Budhathoki and Sher Bahadur Kunwar verified their names as the members of Unified Socialist party.

Among the four lawmakers at the National Assembly, Bhatta and Kunwar have joined the Unified Socilaist party while Indu Kadariya Bista of Kanchanpur and Chakra Shrehi of Dadeldhura have opted to stay in UML.

Of the 11 directly elected lawmakers, only Ale has supported Nepal. Apart from him, Naradmuni Rana of Kailali, Nar Bahadur Dhami of Kanchanpur, Damodar Bhandari of Baitadi, Lal Bahadur Thapa of Bajura, Bhirab Singh of Bajhang, Ganesh Thagunna of Darchula and Yagya Bogati of Accham are still in the UML.

Among the lawmakers, who were elected through the proportional representation electoral system, Laxmi Chaudhary of Kailali, Nira Devi Jairu of Dadeldhura and Bina Budhathoki of Kanchanpur have joined the new party led by Madhav Nepal.

Niru Pal and Asha BK are still in the UML.


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