UML takes action against 14 lawmakers including Madhav Nepal

KATHMANDU: The CPN-UML has taken action against 14 lawmakers of House of Representatives including Madhav Kumar Nepal.

The UML has sent a notice to the Parliament Secretariat to take action against the 14 party leaders and remove them from the post of lawmakers. According to a source, the party has also informed the Election Commission about the matter.

The names of the lawmakers are as follows:

  1. Madhav Nepal
  2. Jeevan Ram Shrestha
  3. Mukunda Neupane
  4. Ram Kumari Jhankri
  5. Kalyani Khadka
  6. Laxmi Kumari Chaudhary
  7. Nira Devi Jairu
  8. Pushpa Kumari Karna
  9. Sarala Yadav
  10. Kalika Khatun
  11. Birodh Khatiwada
  12. Krishna Lal Maharjan
  13. Bhawani Khapung
  14. Metmani Chaudhary



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