UK lawmakers urge PM Boris Johnson to resolve issue of Gurkha veterans

LONDON: The main opposition party of Britain Labor Party has expressed solidarity with demand of the Gurkha soldiers. The party’s lawmakers wrote a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to address the demands of retired Gorkha soldiers.

It has already been a week that the Gorkha veterans have been staging a hunger strike demanding equal pension among others.

The hunger strike staged by the retired Gurkha soldiers has become a hot issue in the British politics.

All Party Parliamentary Group Chairman Birendra Sharma along with lawmakers Seema Malhotra, Nabhendu Mishra, Nick Smith, Alan Dorans, Dan Jarvis, Lord Bilmoria, Lord Dholakia and Lord Sheikh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Johnson demanding that the government resolve the issue at the earliest.

They have also demanded that the Prime Minister meet the Gorkhas, who are on the hunger strike, and support their campaign.

In a letter, they said that the lives of Gurkha veterans will be saved if the Prime Minister start talks with them.

Earlier, the Nepal Committee had also demanded that the government resolve the issue in a free and fair manner.

Gyan Raj Rai, Dhan Gurung and Pushpa Ghale have been staging hunger strike since August 7. The health condition of the Gorkha veterans are getting critical. Despite widespread protests, the UK government has not made any official statement yet.



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