Lumbini government to move court against Province Chief Amik Sherchan

RUPANDEHI: The province government has condemned the decision of Lumbini Province Chief Amik Sherchan to call a special session under the pressure of opposition alliance. With this incident, Sherchan has been dragged into controversy.

The government and ruling party CPN-UML have been saying that it was against the law to call the special session without holding discussions with the government.

The Chief Minister’s Secretariat has been accusing Province Chief Sherchan of moving ahead unilaterally under the pressure of opposition alliance though he was informed that the chief minister will take a vote of confidence after settling the old cases pending at the court.

Issuing a notice on Thursday, the Province Assembly Secretariat said that province Chief Sherchan has called the special session on August 11 to discuss the no-confidence motion filed against Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel.

The notice was issued to inform all the Province Assembly members to attend the session, the Secretariat said.

The opposition alliance of Lumbini Province had filed a no- confidence motion against the government on Tuesday. This is the third time that the opposition alliance has filed the no-confidence motion against the government.

Earlier, the opposition alliance had filed the motion for the first time on April 9 and second time May 9 against the government.

The ruling party condemned the decision of the Province Chief Sherchan by organising a press meet on Friday.

Lumbini UML Chairman and minister of the province Lila Giri, minister duo Chet Narayan Acharya and Bhoj Prasad Shrestha attended the press meet.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pokharel had left for Kathmandu on Thursday night after the Province Chief Sherchan called the special session without informing the government.

The ruling party, which has been accusing Speaker Purna Bahadur Gharti and Province Assembly of moving ahead by hatching a conspiracy against the government, has also kept the Province Chief in that list.

As the Province Chief and Province Assembly Secretariat have been moving ahead against the law, the Chief Minister’s Secretariat said that the government is planning to move the court seeking legal remedies.


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