No-confidence motion filed against Lumbini CM Pokharel for third time

KATHMANDU: The opposition alliance has registered a no-confidence motion against Lumbini Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel for the third time on Tuesday. The alliance filed the motion with signatures of 34 lawmakers.

Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist Centre, Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal and Janamorcha had already registered the motion against Pokharel twice in the past.

The opposition alliance had filed the motion against Pokharel for the first time on April 19 and second time on May 9.

Earlier on Monday, the opposition parties had submitted an application along with the signatures of 41 lawmakers to newly appointed Province Chief Amik Sherchan demanding that he initiate the process to form the new government under Article 168 (2) of the Constitution.

But, lawmaker Bimala Oli, whose signature was also in the application, had said that she has not abandoned the CPN-UML yet.



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