LeoSquad signs MOU with Global College International (GCI)

LeoSquad powered by Analogue Inc has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Global College International (GCI) under the “LeoSquad Education Partner” initiative.

The objective of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to bring together the efforts of the tech company (Analogue Inc) and educational institution (GCI) for imparting knowledge and honoring the skills of students, internship opportunities to aspiring student entrepreneurs, academicians and professionals of both the institutions.

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people into changing their studying and working behavior, the government of Nepal has been ensuring that every educational and working-class professional should adapt to remote conduction of their institutions through digital platforms.

Knowing the challenges in the government’s great education and technical dream, LeoSquad has also offered their technology support to colleges and universities, to go beyond with ‘LeoSquad Education Partner’ Initiative.

Under the Initiative, a tie up with GCI will definitely set an example to many forthcoming ventures from LeoSquad powered by Analogue Inc. With the scope of exchange of services from both the institutions, an agreement was made to provide opportunities for future entrepreneurs and revive digitalization in Nepal.


Additionally, to support the initiative of LeoSquad, GCI has shown tremendous enthusiasm to go hand-in-hand and help with building an engaging outreach of supporters. Moreover, the “LeoSquad Education Partner ” focuses on redesigning the working platforms by making virtual workplace a reality with LeoSquad.

Hence, to implement the concept of usefulness of virtual offices, LeoSquad team will conduct sessions with aspiring student entrepreneurs that further will help Leosquad to aid in the digitization program of the nation. This opportunity seems not limited to any certain group of people but for all those who are stuck due to the pandemic and desire to become an Entrepreneur.

A panel discussion was organized between team LeoSquad and representatives of GCI on the topic “Understanding the Strategic Plan for Implementation of Virtual Workplace in Universities & Professional Institutes” through virtual mode on Tuesday which was followed by the MOU signing ceremony.

Analogue Inc CEO, Ashutosh Aggarwal, said the MOU would not just help in fostering the relationship between the two, tech company and educational institution, but would also promote usefulness of virtual workplace in days of pandemic.

Sharing his happiness on GCI joining hands with LeoSquad powered by Analogue Inc, the director (graduate program & CPD ) of GCI, Dr. Akshay Arora said “this MoU will not only help in developing the skills by enhancing the curriculum but will also give opportunities to students in this digitally transforming era with placement opportunities at tech companies like Analogue Inc.”

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between LeoSquad and Global College International (GCI) enables mutual cooperation for offering a customized training program and placements to potential students exclusively designed, developed, and delivered for Colleges. This is just a small step by LeoSquad virtual workplace in adding a brick of digitalization in the house of the nation to boost the economy to greater extent.




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