Flood victims concerned about future (With video)

CHITWAN: The family of Buddha Chepang of Tindobhan, Kalika-10 has been living in a goat shed on the bank of a river for the past few days. They have been compelled to live in the goat shed after the Majawang River swept away their house in the early morning on July 1.

The flood turned their arable land into rive bank and also swept away their cattle.

“We have been taking shelter in one of our neighbours goat shed,” Buddha said.

Buddha’s wife Istamaya is hopeful that the government will shift them to a safer place.

They had migrated to Tindoban in search of fertile land from Majawang 15 years ago. They had purchased one bigha land at Rs 150,000 by doing labour works but it has turned into river bank now.

Similarly, Krishna Bahadur Praja and his nine-member family has been taking shelter at an under construction building of Majawang Higher Secondary School. Their two bigha arable land has also turned into river bank. The flood also washed away the house of Krishna Bahadur, who had migrated to lowland from Cheurang, 30 years ago.

“We have been living in a school building nearby,” he said, adding, “I am thinking of constructing a house at the same place later as we don’t have land in another place.”

Likewise, Bishnu Chepang of Kamimang, Kalika-11 has started living near the stream by constructing a shanty. His house has been covered by thick mud brought by the river.

“We could not save even a single grain,” Chepang said. “We don’t have anything to eat,” he lamented.

Sanumaya Chepang lives near Bishnu Chepang’s house. Her three sons houses are also near to Bishnu’s house.

“We managed to save ourselves after the flood water started to gush into the house,” Sanumaya (57) said, adding, “The flooded river washed away everything that we have in the house.”

They have also been living by constructing a shanty. “We have food for some days. We don’t do know what we will eat after that?” she said.

The flooded river also swept away the stationary shop of Dinesh Chepang. He said that property worth around Rs 100,000 was destroyed in the incident.

“Around 15 families have been displaced due to floods,” he said. “Minister and party leaders visited the incident site but people did not get anything,” Chepang added.

Chepang activist KP Kiran Sharma said that the government has not not done anything for the flood-affected families.

“Flood-affected families have been forced to live in neighours goat sheds,” Sharma said. “There should be no delay in providing proper shelter and food to the affected families,” he added.

Sharma said that the Kalika Municipality is planning to distribute special relief package to the affected areas. Information Officer Prakash Chandra Paudel said that the relief package will be distributed within few days.

Bagmati Province Chief Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Minister for Law had visited the incident site on July 14.


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