Covid-19 effect: Business owners of Ason-Indrachowk spend day using mobile phones

KATHMANDU: Ambas Alam, who has been operating a bangles and pote ‘bead necklaces’ wholesale store for the past 13 years at Indrachowk, has been going through a difficult time in the recent time. Alam used to be very busy in the Nepali month of Shrawan as Hindu women celebrate the month of Shrawan wearing green bangles and beads and worship Lord Shiva. But, his business has slowed down due to the steady increase of Covid-19 cases.

He used to open his store early in the morning before the outbreak of corona virus in the country, but, he opens his store at 10 am these days. He spends his day using mobile phones as the customers have been visiting the store less than the normal time. He said that it has been very difficult for him to pass the time.

Alam said that he has even been struggling to pay the rent of his store. “I have no idea how I will pay the rent. If the situation persists, the businessmen like us will be displaced from this area,” he said.

People mostly from outside the Kathmandu Valley used to visit his store to buy the new items. But, people have not been able to come to Kathmandu as the government has imposed prohibitory orders to prevent the corona virus from spreading. He used to add new items to attract customers during this season in the past but he has not been able to sale the stock items of last year.

Alam was of the opinion that he has been witnessing fewer customers, as the Covid-19 has brought the country to its kness and the people have been struggling to manage basic needs for survival.

Like Alam, Sabin Khan is also going through the same situation. He said that he spends his whole day using mobile phones. “I thought that the business will come back to track during the month of Shrawan but it couldn’t as the government keeps on extending the restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19,” he said. “I think the business will be good during the Teej festival, let’s see, “Khan added. He has been selling the stock items of last year.

Purnima Darshan, who has been operating a bangles shop for the past 35 years, is also facing the same problem. Darshan said that she has also been going through a hard time to pay the salary of her staff.

These are just a case in point as all the business operators in this area are facing the same problem after Covid-19 gripped the nation.


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