EC to settle JSP-N authenticity row today

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) said that it would settle the dispute regarding the authenticity of the Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal (JSP-N) on Thursday.

Suresh Adhikari, Secretary at the Election Commission, said that the election body would deliver the verdict on the dispute today after the completion of the hearing.

Yadav-faction has been claiming majority in Executive Committee. Mahantha Thakur, however, had submitted a report to the Election Commission stating that the Executive Committee had already been reshuffled by a meeting held on December 22.

Yadav-faction has the majority in both Executive Committee and Parliamentary Party in the recent time.

Earlier, following a verdict of Supreme Court, five lawmakers of Thakur-faction have joined the Yadav-faction.

There is a high possibility that the Election Commission would deliver the verdict in support of Yadav-faction. In that case, the poll body would give Thakur-faction a chance to register a new party.

The JSP-N has 34 lawmakers in the House of Representatives, of which two were suspended.

Earlier, Pramod Sah, Ruhi Naj, Narmaya Dhakal, Rani Mandal, Amrita Agraharu and Renu Gurung of Thakur-faction had attended the meeting of Yadav-faction.

The Thakur-faction has 12 lawmakers in the House of Representatives.


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