Saudi Arabia to let in vaccinated Nepali migrant workers from August 9

KATHMANDU: Saudi Arabia has decided to allow the entry of Nepali migrant workers who have inoculated vaccines against Covid-19 from August 9. The decision has brought relief to thousands of Nepali migrant workers.

The Saudi government has decided to allow entry to only those migrant workers who have received both doses of vaccines against Covid-19.

Saudi Arabia has given approval only to J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Earlier, the Gulf kingdom had imposed strict restrictions, barring entry to unvaccinated migrant workers from various countries. The Saudi government had imposed the restrictions as a precautionary measure against covid-19.

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia made the decision on Monday, according to Saudi Press Agency.

The Saudi government made the decision following the decline in infections in the recent weeks.

Saudi Arabia had imposed a travel ban from May 17. Since then, many international flights had been suspended.


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