Vaccine Procurement by Government of Nepal

Government agrees to spend 5 billion to purchase vaccines

KATHMANDU: The government has given 5 billion to the Ministry of Health and Population for the purchase of COVID vaccines.

Newly-appointed Finance Minister Janardan Sharma signed on a decision to provide this amount to the Ministry of Health and Population for the purchase of COVID vaccines after taking office.

Yesterday’s first cabinet of the Deuba-led government had decided to ensure that all citizens are vaccinated against coronavirus by next April. 

Finance Minister Sharma has decided to ensure resources for liability management under control and prevention of COVID-19. Under this, 564.157 million will be transferred for the federal hospital and 373.49 million for the hospitals run by the state and local level through the province ministries of social development. 

According to Finance Ministry Spokesperson Mahesh Acharya, it has been decided to provide 961.21 million to federal and private hospitals and 524.44 million to provincial and local level hospitals for the purchase of health equipment related to COVID control including HDU, ventilator and ICU in government and private hospitals.

Finance Minister Sharma stressed on the need for the government to move forward coordinating with the private sector as there is a need to revive the economy that has been weakened by COVID-19. 


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