Meeting led by Chinese Communist Party

160 countries including Nepal participating in virtual meeting being addressed by Chinese President

KATHMANDU: Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on all nations to work together against the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and terrorism.

Addressing a meeting of the Chinese Communist Party and political parties from 160 countries from Beijing, he urged world leaders to move forward by listening to the voice of the people.

Stating that development is the right of different countries of the world, he said that the focus should be on development with fairness, effectiveness and coordination. He also said that it is necessary to move ahead in green development. 

“We must move forward by promoting consent on human values,” he said, adding, “Human values including peace, justice and freedom, must be fostered.”

Informing that China is about to hold the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference, Chinese President Jinping called on all countries to participate.

Leaders of various political parties including Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli from Nepal are participants of the virtual meeting.


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