Mid-Term Elections on November 12 and 19

Nomination of candidates to be done by October 6 and 17, party registration by July 30

KATHMANDU:: As the hearing on the issue against the dissolution of the House of Representatives has reached its final stage, the Election Commission has prepared the schedule for the midterm elections.

Secretary of the Election Commission Suresh Adhikari informed Nepal Press that all the schedules including voter list, party registration and nomination of candidates will be formally made public today.

According to the schedule prepared by the meeting of the commission, the nomination of candidates for the first phase of the election will be held on 6th October.

The schedule for the nomination of candidates in the second phase of the election has been fixed on 17th October. The government has fixed the date of the election in the first phase on 12th November and the second phase on 19th November .

The commission has decided to give time from 15th to 30th July for party registration for election purposes.


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