Vaccine Equity

WHO Chief shares video of Nepal with caption: Let us pressurize for the equal supply of vaccines

KATHMANDU: This week, a video of some health workers carrying a box of vaccines with a lot of difficulty in the flood at Lete in the trans-Himalayan district of Mustang went viral.

The video went viral around the world in a single day and has been shared on social media by hundreds of celebrities. Many have also commented on the video after seeing such a scene of Nepal, which has been fighting with the second wave of COVID. 

Even the Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros could not help but respond to the video. He shared the video on Twitter and called Nepali health workers heroes. 

“This is how far health workers go to save lives. Is it fair that in many places these heroes have still not been vaccinated? It is in our power and our duty to do everything we can to deliver #VaccinEquity! If not now, when?” 

The World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier urged large nations to supply vaccines to Nepal immediately.


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