Natural calamity amidst the pandemic

Fifty people go missing due to Melamchi flood, nearby markets drown

SINDHUPALCHOWK: At least 50 people have been missing and are out of contact due to the floods in Melamchi yesterday after incessant rains.

The floods have washed away a market and four concrete bridges. A landslide occurred at Nakote in Helambu 1 at 6.30 pm yesterday.

Floods and landslides have swept away Timbu Bazaar in Helambu. Similarly, the market called Chanaute has also been inundated. All the houses on the river are flooded.



The Armed Police Force and the Chinese camp guarding the Melamchi project have also been inundated. Police, who could not reach the spot last night, have started searching for the missing and rescuing them this morning.


No casualties have been reported so far. Meanwhile, former Member of Parliament and Health Minister Sher Bahadur Pun, who was elected from Melamchi, is coming for on-site monitoring by helicopter today.




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