Changes in Examination Modality

SEE results to be published by end of July, schools instructed to submit internal assessment by July 4

KATHMANDU:  Students who apply to participate in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) have to complete all the internal assessment tasks and be sent to the District Coordination Unit Office by 4th July.

Chandramani Poudel, the chairman of The National Examinations Board (NEB)  informed  NEB passed the procedure required for the evaluation of students on Sunday.

The coordination committee has to send the internal assessment sent by the school and the records of all the students of the district to the National Examinations Board by the end of the second week of July.

The board is going to publish the final results of SEE and issue the certificate within 15 days of the receipt of records from all the districts by the end of the second week of July. The board has stated that it is preparing to publish the results of the SEE so that the students can start studying in grade 11 from August.

The board has made the subject teachers responsible for the internal evaluation of the students and has formed a five-member committee of school principals, senior teachers, English, mathematics and science teachers.

The decision to form a five-member committee was taken after complaints were received that the principal had done it alone last year and sent it with random numbers. The board has made a provision to open the reason for the grading of students who received higher numbers.

In case of disagreement, provision has been made in the examination procedure to return the assessment.



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