COVID-19 and lnternational travel

US travel ban on Nepal remains in place, CDC claims Nepal is still at high risk

KATHMANDU: The United States has not opened a travel ban on Nepal, saying it carries the risk of coronavirus infection.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new information stating that sanctions imposed on countries including Nepal, India and Pakistan remain in place.

Stating that there is a high risk of virus infection in Nepal, CDC has issued Level-4 Travel Advisory. The CDC has eased the list of countries to be visited.

More than five dozen countries, including Japan, are on the list of places to visit only after receiving a full dose of the vaccine. It is said that one can travel to 64 countries by getting vaccinated. With the Olympics set to begin in Japan on July 23, the United States has eased its travel policy.

Other countries in South Asia including Nepal and Latin America and many countries in Africa are on the list of countries advised to not travel to.



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