Vaccine Diplomacy and Foreign Assistance against COVID-19

Wide-body aircraft of Nepal Airlines in Beijing today to bring in 800,000 doses of vaccine

KATHMANDU: Out of the 1 million doses of vaccine given by China, 800,000 doses are being brought to Kathmandu today by a widebody aircraft of Nepal Airlines.

The Airbus 330 flew to Beijing on Monday night to receive the vaccine. Beijing is currently loading vaccines and related medical supplies. According to a Nepal Airlines source, the plane will fly to Kathmandu with 800,000 doses of the Vero Cell vaccine in a short time.

The vaccine will arrive in Kathmandu this afternoon. As soon as President Bidhya Devi Bhandari had a telephone conversation with the Chinese President, China had announced to provide one million doses of vaccine to Nepal.

The remaining 200,000 doses of vaccine will be brought by Himalayan Airlines from Kunming. Earlier, China had given 800,000 doses of vaccine to Nepal.


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