Financial support against COVID-19

1.1 Million assistance collected from Nepalis living in Afghanistan and Iraq

KATHMANDU: Nepalis working in Afghanistan and Iraq have collected around Rs. 1,155,000 and handed it over to the National Innovation Center to provide health equipment including oxygen concentrators and PPE for the people infected with COVID-19 and the doctors and health workers involved in the treatment. 

The amount has been collected by 32 Nepalis working in Afghanistan and Iraq through various organizations including the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, various permanent bodies under the United Nations in Afghanistan, projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The collected amount has been handed over to Mahabir Pun, the founder of the National Innovation Center, by Dharmananda Joshi, Kulendra Nath Subedi, and others working in Iraq and Afghanistan. 


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