Bank Director who earned millions by investing in Dogecoin quits job

LONDON: A senior executive at US multinational Goldman Sachs has quit his job after earning millions of pounds from investing in cryptocurrencies.

Aziz McMahon, who has been working as the Managing Director of the London branch of the prestigious company, quit his job after earning 10 million pounds by investing in Dogecoin, reported CNBC. 

Other Sachs employees responded that McMahon was “introverted” and did not share his personal information with anyone. According to the bank, he has made a profit of at least 10 million pounds (US 14 million). 

Elon Musk, owner of the prestigious American company Tesla, rapper Snoop Dogg, and other celebrities are promoting Dogecoin, which rose by 21,126% to 73 cents in the last year.

The value of the cryptocurrency skyrocketed after the prestigious American car maker Tesla made it possible to buy cars from Bitcoin. However, due to the lack of environmental friendliness, it is no longer possible to buy a Tesla car from Bitcoin.

In place of Bitcoin, Tesla is now preparing to support Dogecoin. Tesla owner Elon Musk has said that the process for this was moving forward. 


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