Prime Minister's vote of confidence

Oli loses post of Prime Minister as parliament votes against confidence motion

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has lost a majority in the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister lost a majority in the special session of the House of Representatives after his motion for a vote of confidence was rejected by the majority.

93 members of parliament have voted in favor of the confidence motion and 124 in the opposition. 15 lawmakers voted neither for nor against Oli. A total of 232 lawmakers were present at Monday’s meeting of the House of Representatives. Speaker Agni Sapkota declared that the Prime Minister could not get a vote of confidence. 

The Prime Minister wanted to take a vote of confidence in accordance with Article 100 of the Constitution, which states that “The Prime Minister may, at any time, if they deem it necessary or appropriate, make it clear to the House of Representatives that the House of Representatives has confidence in them.”

Clause 3 of the same article states that “If the motion of confidence is not passed by a majority of the total number of members present in the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister shall be removed from office.” According to the same provision of the constitution, Prime Minister Oli’s post has been vacated. Until a new government is formed, the Oli-led cabinet will act as the caretaker government. 


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