Second wave of COVID-19 and prohibitory orders

CCMC recommends to stop flights to 10 countries including India and USA

Recommendations to also stop domestic flights

KATHMANDU: The COVID Crisis Management Center (CCMC) has recommended to the Council of Ministers to stop direct international flights to Nepal from 10 countries most affected by the coronavirus. 

A meeting of the CCMC on Friday evening concluded that the infection had rapidly spread in the country and recommended the closure of domestic flights.

Talking to Nepal Press, Minister for Tourism Bhanubhakta Dhakal said that it has been recommended to stop origin flights to and from ten countries including India, USA and UK. According to him, this rule will not apply to connecting flights. 

“It has been proposed to stop domestic flights as well. The situation is dire,” said Minister Dhakal. 

The CCMC’s recommendations are yet to be passed by the cabinet meeting, which will be implemented after this is done. Experts had been suggesting a ban on flights from India, which was severely affected by the virus. The meeting also recommended to the Council of Ministers to close 22 border crossings with India. 


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