Norvic Hospital to provide free ambulance service during lockdown

KATHMANDU: The Norvic International Hospital in Thapathali will operate a free ambulance service for critically ill patients during the prohibitory period.

According to Rajendra Bahadur Singh, executive director of the hospital, the hospital has announced the operation of a free ambulance service for critically ill patients so that the public would not face any problem due to health complications.

The hospital will send a free ambulance to the hospital to pick up the patients who need to be admitted to the emergency hospital due to serious health problems. Arrangements will be made to take such patients home after their recovery.

In order to avail such facility, critically ill patients or relatives and close persons should call the hospital and inform. Upon receiving the information, the hospital will immediately rescue the patients in trouble through a free ambulance service.

This facility will be available only for the patients of Kathmandu, said Executive Director Singh.


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