COVID-19 becoming monstrous in neighboring country

Patients in India dying due to lack of oxygen, number of infections and deaths soaring to break records everyday

AGENCY: Hospitals in India say their patients are dying due to lack of oxygen, as coronavirus infections and deaths are setting new records day by day.

About one million people have been infected in India in the last three days. A total of 336,786 new infections have been found in the last 24 hours.

According to the hospital administration, 20 people died at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi on Saturday night due to lack of oxygen. The Indian government has said it has deployed the railway service and the Indian Air Force to supply necessary equipment.

A total of 2,624 people died across India in a 24-hour period on Saturday. On Friday, the number was 2263. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described India’s current situation as a “catastrophic situation” as an example of how much damage coronavirus can do. 

At the beginning of 2021, India considered itself to have defeated COVID-19. In mid-February, India, with a population of 125 billion, had 11,000 new infections. India had even started producing and exporting vaccines. In March, the health minister said that their fight against coronavirus was coming to an end. 

But since then, many new infections have been found. Even after the introduction of the new variant, the public ceremony, Kumbh Mela and other activities were not stopped. Millions of pilgrims participated in the Kumbh Mela held at Haridwar earlier this month.

Hospitals in the capital Delhi have warned that they are in the last stage of their capacity. Holy Family Hospital said all its beds, including the ICU, are full.

“Almost all hospitals are in critical conditions. If we don’t get oxygen, we can’t treat patients with any disease,” a doctor in Delhi told the BBC. “If oxygen is not received, patients can die within one minute. The patients in ventilators need high-flow oxygen. If they don’t get this facility, most of them will die.” 


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