Heavy snowfall in Humla, farmers relieved

HUMLA: Citizens in the high mountainous district of Humla have become surprised with snowfall taking place in April. 

Citizens who saw snowfall for only three months in January, February and February are wondering if the snowfall in April is due to climate change. Gokul Bohara of Simikot-2 said that this was the first time he had seen snowfall in April.

Due to continuous snowfall in the district since Wednesday night, the temperature has fallen and white can be seen everywhere. In previous years, the summer season used to start from the second week of April, but this year, the temperature has fallen due to snowfall in April.

The temperature in the district has dropped to negative with the snowfall. The temperature in Simikot has dropped to minus four this morning and people here have started wearing warm and thick clothes. 

Similarly, up to two feet of snow has frozen in Namkha village of North Humla. The snowfall that started at 1 PM on Wednesday is continuing in Namkha while mountains are all covered in white. 

Sonam Lama, a local, said that more than two feet of snow fell in Namkha, Simkot and Kharpunath. Lama said that there was heavy snowfall especially in the border area of ​​Nepal and China. Nara Lake, which is 4,600 meters high, was closed again on Wednesday due to snowfall.

Farmers happy

Farmers are happy as there is snow and rain in the district after a long time. Farmers are happy saying that it will be easier to cultivate when it rains on Tuesday night and there is regular snowfall from Wednesday night. Nowadays, farmers here use rainwater for the crops to be harvested in October. 

The rains and snowfall this time have made it easier for millet, chino, kaguno, maize, beans and buckwheat to be produced in September and October. Two days of rain has brought much relief to the farmers. With the clear weather, farmers here are now busy in their farms.  


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