Suicide rate in Karnali 8 times higher than deaths by COVID

SURKHET: In Karnali, the number of suicides is eight times higher than the number of deaths due to COVID. According to statistics, 32 people have died due to COVID and 269 have committed suicide.

According to the Karnali State Police Office, 99 people have committed suicide in Surkhet, 42 in Dailekh, 21 in Jajarkot, 25 in Rukum, 55 in Salyan, 13 in Jumla, 9 in Kalikot, 3 in Gugu and 2 in Humla.

Statistics show that the number of suicides has increased since the COVID disaster began. 

In the fiscal year 2074/07, 255 committed suicide in Karnali including 95 in Surkhet, 39 in Dailekh, 7 in Jajarkot, 26 in Rukum, 60 in Salyan, 12 in Jumla, one each in Dolpa and Humla, 2 in Mugu and 12 in Kalikot. 

Similarly, in the fiscal year 2075/076, 98 people committed suicide in Surkhet, 38 in Dailekh, 6 in Jajarkot, 32 in Rukum, 50 in Salyan, 10 in Jumla, one in Humla, 6 in Mugu and 9 in Kalikot.

In the fiscal year 2076/07, 128 people committed suicide in Surkhet. There were 43 suicides in Dailekh, 6 in Jajarkot, 26 in Rukum, 65 in Salyan, 11 in Jumla, 1 in Dolpa, 2 in Humla and 4 in Kalikot, totaling 286. 

Why is suicide on the rise?

State Health Directorate Karnali Director Dr. Rabin Khadka has estimated that suicide may have increased due to unemployment.

“The economic crisis has been escalating in recent times, which has led to an increase in suicides due to stress,” he said. “Family strife is another major cause of suicide.” 


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