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COVID infection in 15 Nepalis returning from India

BANKE: COVID infection has been confirmed in 15 Nepalis who entered Nepal from India through Jamunah in Nepalgunj on Friday.

Chief of the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Health Branch Ram Bahadur Chand informed that 15 people were found to be infected while checking the antigen of a suspect who had returned from India.

According to him, all the infected men are from Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat of India. Among them, 1 is from Rolpa, 3 from Bardiya, 4 from Dailekh, 6 from Banke and 1 from Surkhet.

The COVID was confirmed in Banke on Friday alone in 1999, said Tej Oli, a  source in Banke. According to him, 45 people have been tested in Nepalgunj Medical College and the corona has been confirmed in 45 of them.

A total of 127 people were tested at Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj and 27 at Bageshwori Laboratory.



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